Virtual guides made easy

A web platform that allows museums, exhibition halls, congresses, archaeological sites and other spaces to offer a virtual guide to their visitors.
No devices to rent, no apps to download and no germs to kill. Your virtual guide on your visitors' phone straight from the web.

A project by Mortensen.

Why Muzee?

No devices, no apps, no virus

Your visitors use their own smartphone to access the guides. Friendly and usable interface.

Real-Time Statistics

Discover which content is more engaging for your audience and how they interact with it.

Social distance compliant

Visitors only need their smartphone and an internet connection. No devices, no cleaning, no germs.

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No devices, no apps, no virus

The guide runs on your visitor's smartphone, without the need to download and mantain custom apps. Muzee uses standard web technologies!


With Muzee you can offer your guides in as many languages as you want without spending a lot of money! We'll take care of everything, from the translations to the recordings.

Real-Time Statistics

Muzee gives you the insights on how your users consume your content, the audio tracks they listen, the videos they watch... and also if they do it until the end or not!

Customizable for Audience Types

Your visitors are not all the same, so your guide shouldn't be too. Muzee allows you to offer specific content for different kind of users: children, professional public...

Satisfaction Surveys

With Muzee you'll be able to create custom surveys and access its results in real-time, as combined graphs or tabbed documents for custom process.

Multimedia Content

Not only audio! Muzee can handle video, image galleries, text, transcriptions, maps and even 360º content.

Customizable design

Muzee's design can adapt to fit exactly your brand and corporative identity. As it's a "white label" product it can be customized as much as you need!

Drag & Drop Interface

Our interface allows you to update, change or sort the contents of your guides or surveys in an intuitive and visual way. And just in a second!

¿Not sure yet? This is what experts say about Muzee.

Emili Masferrer

CEO. Casa Vicens Gaudí. Barcelona.
“Muzee's “no devices, no apps, no germs” approach saved us from all the hassle of renting and sanitizing physical devices.”
Tourism and Heritage.

M. Àngels Serra

CEO. Chias Marketing. Barcelona-Santiago de Chile
"With Muzee, our mobile incorporates a new utility that allows us to move freely around exhibitions, heritage sites and spaces. Goodbye to the boring audio guides!"
Marketing and Tourism.

Anna Garcia

Sorigué Foundation
“Muzee puts people back at the center of the experience. Their virtual guides are great relationship builders.”

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